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In order to share your ideas, research and experience on health, contributing to the development of practice, education and research, we would like to invite you to participate in this scientific event!

Abstracts must be submitted in English, but may be presented at the congress on one of the official languages (English or Portuguese).

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BMC Health Services Research         

Abstracts will be published on BMC Health Services Research.

tracked by Thomson Reuters (ISI) with an Impact Factor of 1.71.

Topics of the congress:

  1. Training and education in health
  2. Health intervention
  3. Policies and health management

Sub-topics of the congress:

  • Accessibility to health care
  • Complementary medicines
  • Cyberspace and virtual reality in health
  • Determinants of the demand for health services
  • Education and training of health professionals
  • Effectiveness of health intervention programs
  • Ethnicity and migration of populations
  • Friendly/healthy Cities
  • Health in & out: taking care within diversity
  • Health instruments and indicators
  • Sustainable integrated user-centred care
  • The health safety culture
  • Therapeutic education/health literacy

  • Submission of abstracts

– Abstracts must be submitted in English (UK);

– Abstracts are submitted electronically via the Easy Chair Platform,

– Abstracts must be original in content and structured as follows: Introduction, Objectives, Methods, Results and Conclusions, with 250 words maximum;

– All abstracts received will be submitted blind peer review  by the Scientific Committee;

– Authors are responsible for the content of their presentations;

– One of the authors must be the speaker of the communication, and must be formally registered (Registration form) in the congress until the 31st March 2016;

– In case of abstract acceptance, authors must sign a declaration stating for the originality of the abstract and formally authorising the publication of the abstract at the international indexed journal BMC Health Research Services.

– Each author can only present a maximum of two communications (oral and/or poster).

– The Scientific Committee of the Congress may suggest changing the type of presentation (communication/poster).


    Deadline for submission: Until January 31, 2016

    Deadline for authors notification: Authors will be informed until March 6, 2016

    Once accepted, the files (in .pdf version) with the comunications (poster or oral) must be sent to the organizing committee until the 29th April 2016.

Your participation can assume one of the following formats:

 1. Oral communication

  • Authors should indicate under which of the proposed subtopics their communication is integrated;
  • The Scientific Committee of the Congress may suggest a change of topic;
  • This format is limited to 10 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion;
  • Authors should send (.pdf) their communications by e-mail to until 29th april 2016.

2. Communication Poster

  • Authors should indicate under which of the proposed subtopics their communication integrates;
  • The Scientific Committee of the Congress may suggest a change of topic;
  • Posters will be displayed in digital format/e-poster and will be presented oraly.
  • The oral presentation of posters is limited to 3 minutes and 2 minutes for discussion.
  • Authors should send by e-mail their e-posters (.pdf) to until 29th april 2016.green_world


  • A special award will be given to the best oral communication (please aplly while registering),
  • A special award will be given to the best p communication (please aplly while registering),

Certificate Presentation

A certificate will be issued for all the presented communications.

Certificates will be conferred to first authors, unless stated otherwise, by sending e-mail to that the presenting author will be another co-author.

Requests asking for the change of the “presenting author” will only be considered until the 1st May 2016.


At least one of the authors of accepted papers must register for the Congress and pay their registration until March 31, 2016.

If registration payment is not made within the stipulated time, the communication will be eliminated from the program.

Best oral communication and best poster will be awarded.

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