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About Leiria

Quick guide to Leiria: Travel & leisure

Welcome! It is pleasure to host you in Leiria! Leiria is a medium size city, full of culture and interesting spots.

Transport Network

 Bus services – The “Mobilis” bus service Mobilis Visitors can travel easily throughout Leiria using the bus “Mobilis”, according to the following timetable. All trips starts at Largo José lúcio da Silva, next to the Theater, with a difference of about 8 minutes between stops.

Mobilis Bus – Timetable


From Sunday to Friday





First Trip Last trip First trip Last trip First Trip Last Trip

No trips







Every 17 minutes

Every 60 minutes

Every 40 minutes



First Trip Last trip First trip Last trip First Trip Last Trip







Every 17 minutes

Every 60 minutes

Every 40 minutes

Green Mobilis: School campus of ESSLei-IPL City center (5 to 10 minutes) mobilis 1 cópia

Red Mobilis: City center School campus of ESSLei-IPL (5 to 10 minutes) mobilis 2 cópia

Whereas, “Mobilis” route Red performs the connection between Hotel S. Luis and the school campus of IPL, “Mobilis” route green, performs the connection from the campus back to the city center. Tickets can be bought to the driver, on the bus.

Ticket prices: Single journey ticket: 1,25 € | One day ticket: 1,95€.

Taxi/cab services: There are several taxi stops all over the city center of Leiria.  For 24h/day services, taxis must be hired at the Theater (Teatro José Lúcio da Silva) at Avenida Heróis de Angola. Taxis can be booked through the following phone numbers: 00351 244 815 900           |             00351 916 500 100          |             00351 969 944 904

Travelling to other places Visitors can reach other Portuguese villages and cities, either by bus (, or by train (

Emergency services

Dial 112 for emergency

National emergency number In Portugal, please dial 112 for emergencies. Hospital services In Leiria, emergency services can be found at Hospital Santo André (HSA, CHLP) and reached by phone through the number 00351 244 817 016. Be sure to take your ID card, or some sort of identification, in case you need to recur to these services. Police services Police services can be obtained at the police station, located at Largo de S. Pedro, near Leiria’s Castle. The police in Leiria/Portugal is called PSP (Public Safety Police), and can be reached by phone through the number 00351 244 859 859.

 Religious services

In Portugal, the majority of the population is Roman Catholic. Therefore, most the city churches are catholic and only perform catholic celebrations. Nevertheless, please inform us if you need to be guided to a specific church, in order to perform your religious celebrations.


capela Nª Sra da Encarnaçãocapela Nª Sra da Encarnação

Igreja da Nª Senhora da Encarnação There is a catholic church at the end of your Hotel street, another near the Court House (Igreja dos Franciscanos) and the old cathedral, located at the city center. Leiria is also only 30 Km away from the world known Sanctuary of Fatima.

Sé Catedral de Leiria

Old cathedral

Meals | Restaurants | Delicatessen

The city of Leiria is well known from its great food and large variety of restaurants. There are several small restaurants in the city center that serve traditional Portuguese food, usually from 12:00 to 15:00 (luch), and 19:00 to 22:00 (dinner). Here are some suggestions:

Mata-Bicho | Malagueta Afrodisíaca | Porto Artur | Abre-latas | Vicio de boca 

Malagueta AfrodisiacaAbre-LatasPorto-Artur

Portuguese traditional menus generally include codfish dishes, cooked in many different sorts of ways. Nevertheless, that are several other pleasant dishes and specialties that you can taste, such as, smoked sausages and other delicatessen, or the rice pudding, traditional from Leiria. Each city often has its own traditional food. In what concerns pastries, Brisas do Lis are the most traditional sweets from Leiria.


Praça Rodrigues Lobo

In Portugal, it is common to go for a drink and hang out with friends after dinner, generally fist to a café or pub, and then to a disco club. Pubs usually close at 2:00 am. There are several cafés and pubs in the city center, especially around two main areas: “Praça Rodrigues Lobo” and “Terreiro.” Nearby, you can also find some disco clubs that are open almost every night until 5:00 am.