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11/05/2018 (Friday)


  • 09h00 – Oral communications OC.A/poster session PS.A
  • 10h30 – Opening ceremony – Auditorium
  • The role of practice-based research in stimulating educational innovation in healthcare
  • Sandra Hasanefendic, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 11h00Coffee break
  • 11h30 – Session 1 – Health Trends in an ageing society
  • Is sexuality a right for all? Sexual revolution in the old age
  • Francisco Martínez, Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain
  • Mind&Gait: Promoting independent living in frail older adults
  • João Apóstolo, Escola Superior de Enfermagem de Coimbra, Portugal
  • Electronic Health Register (RSE)
  • Cristiana Maia, Serviços Partilhados do Ministério da Saúde, Portugal
  • 13h00 Lunch


  • 14h00 – Session 2 – Health trends and emerging health threats
  • Migrant communities
  • Sónia Ferreira Dias, IHMT, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal
  • Economic crisis and inequalities in the Southern European health systems
  • Mauro Serapioni, CES-UC, Portugal (Univ. Barcelona, ISS-Roma, Università di Bologna, Itália)
  • CBmeter – A novel medical device for early detection of type 2 diabetes risk
  • Maria Pedro Sucena Guarino, UIS/ESSLei, Portugal


20h30 – Congress dinner

12/05/2018 (Saturday)


  • 9h00 – Oral communications OC.D/poster session PS.D
  • 11h00 – Coffee break
  • 11h30 – Session 3 – Digital health trends & Challenges
  • Digital eHealth Programmes
  • Nicholas R. Hardiker, ICN & University of Salford, Manchester, UK
  • Help2care: Help to care for users and caregivers
  • Maria dos Anjos Dixe, UIS/ESSLei, Portugal
  • TeenPower: E-Empowering adolescents to prevent obesity
  • Pedro Sousa, UIS/ESSLei, Portugal
  • 13h00 – Prize & Closing ceremonies

Best oral communication:

214: Trust Requirements for the Uptake of Ambient Assisted Living Digital Advisory Services

Soraia Teles, Ana Ferreira, Pedro Vieira-Marques, Diotima Bertel, Constança Paúl, Andrea Ch. Kofler

Best poster presentation:

481: Validation of the nursing diagnosis risk for falls in elderly

Cristina Marques-Vieira, Luís Sousa, Débora Costa, Cláudia Mendes, Lisete Sousa, Sílvia Caldeira

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